TherapistAssist™ DME Solution

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The sovaSage TherapistAssist solution was designed to empower DME based therapists and sleep specialists to make the best possible mask selection and fitting for their patients, independent of your workflow. Our software scans the patient face using a standard smart phone or tablet.

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If you are working with a referral source that uses the TherapistAssist product, you may receive mask fitting, using the DME formulary, instantaneously (without the patient having to do anything further).


On-boarding cost …

… of a new OSA patient is reduced by as much as 70% .

Mask exchanges …

… are reduced as much as 400% to lower than 5% in many cases.

Patient experience …

… and long term compliance to therapy improves significantly .

Seamless integration …

… with Sleep Labs and HST providers.


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TherapistAssist™ Software

The TherapistAssist™ software is a ground breaking solution that makes clinicians, charged with caring for PAP patients, more efficient and more effective. Our software was designed and tested for over a year to ensure an incredibly efficient workflow for the DME and for the therapist, while being so intuitive that the patient requires almost no prior introduction. Imagine how your process can change if you already know everything about your patient the first time that you interact with them!

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AI Powered Algorithm

Our patent pending algorithm measures more than 30 separate parameters covering patient sleep habits, critical anatomical characteristics and clinical parameters to optimize the clinical benefit realized by the patient. Our patent pending SleepQuotient™ captures both usage and apnea hypopnia index (AHI) to measure and optimize what matters most to the patient and to their provider. Our algorithm uses the latest in artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to make this possible.

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Data Driven Results

The end result is a seamless patient management solution that enables a therapist to select and fit a PAP mask using nothing but a standard tablet or smart phone. Our algorithm helps the therapist make better decisions and our reporting function provides feedback to management to help continuously improve your process.

It’s time to change Sleep Apnea therapy - forever!

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