It’s time to change Sleep Apnea therapy - forever!

Let’s face it, when it comes to managing obstructive sleep apnea, “the way we have always done it” just doesn’t work anymore. The old process is expensive, labor intensive and produces inconsistent results for providers and the patient’s they serve.

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What makes us different

The sovaSage TherapistAssist™ software product was designed specifically for Sleep Labs and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. The result is an unequaled product in the treatment of sleep apnea.

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No Manufacturer Bias

We support the masks that the provider chooses to use. The mask that provides the best outcomes for a particular type of patient is what is recommended.

Ease of Use

Our system will make your organization look great. Our patient application, branded for you, is incredibly easy to use and works with any smart phone (Apple or Android). We can fit the mask with no awkward gage or ruler - it’s as easy as taking a selfie!

Optimized for Outcome

Our patent pending algorithm uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to optimize patient outcomes across all patients and providers rather than simply sizing a mask to a gage.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reports provide unmatched transparency into your process. This data has proven invaluable as a monitoring and continuous improvement tool for the patient care process. The data provided is also a powerful marketing tool and differentiator for your business.

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It’s time to change Sleep Apnea therapy - forever!

Join us and get better outcomes, less problems, and happier patients.